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Interview Focus


Interview Focus

Client : Interview Focus – NY, NY

Project : Implement the Interview Focus Platform to gauge an interviewee on their soft skills while performing a video interview.


Take over development of the InterviewFocus platform from an off-shore development team. Implement skill recognition from a user video including skills such as – eye engagement, head engagement, smile detection and happiness detection using Amazon Rekognition’s face detection API – filler words logging and frequent word use using IBM Watson’s speech-to-text API. Implement the video recording platform which shows one interview question and records one interview answer one by one. Implement a seamless user experience while taking a mock interview. Implement a separate admin for schools to link to their students’ accounts, watch there interviews, view their skill assessments and provide feedback.


Work hand-in-hand with the CEO and the designer to discuss ideas, provide ideas, provide alternatives and implement decisions.


Front-end : HTML, CSS, React.js
Server-side : Node.js
Database : PostgreSql
APIs and SDKs : Amazon Recognition, IBM Watson, Stripe
Server : Nginx
Repository : GitHub