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Lean + Efficient web & mobile development

· Best of both worlds ·

Save money by having a team of my junior developers build your project and Get the top expertise by having the project architected and managed by a Senior Software Developer.
I hire junior developers to do the bulk of the coding while I architect, manage and oversee your project. This approach saves you money while taking full advantage of my senior-level expertise and the ability to chat with me at any point in the project.

· My Process ·

Let’s Chat


Let's have a no-pressure, non-obligatory chat about the tech needs of your project. We'll get the ins and outs of what you want to get built, discuss your tech options and our process.


Our Quote

We'll take our conversation and give you a rough estimate of the time frame it will take to build your projects. A lot of our projects are on-going. We'll provide you with the rates and hours of our developers and our Senior dedicated engineer.

The Development


We'll start by having weekly meetings and daily updates. You will have access to viewing the current status of your project through either a development link (for websites) or screentshots, screensharing, TestFlight, TestFairy or Expo (for mobile apps). We're agile, lean and efficient – so, if your business needs change, we'll change our priorities to suit your needs.


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I’ve noticed something quite subtle in my many years of advising clients and listening to business-oriented people describe their technology’s […]

· Meet Aleksandra Maria Czajka ·

Aleksandra Maria Czajka As a Senior Software Engineer with over 22 years programming experience, 16 years of professional software engineering experience and 9 years of working with start-ups and ambitious entrepreneurs, Aleksandra provides consulting services to start-ups in the realms of development, architecture, management and hiring.

Aleksandra graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, a Bachelor’s in Applied & Engineering Physics and a Masters in Engineering Physics with focus on simulations in Physics. After graduating, Intel recruited Aleksandra as a Software Engineer for the D1D Fab in Hillsboro, OR, where she worked on developing desktop applications and webservices to monitor the health of software applications running the chip making fab for the goal of making the fab a lights-out operation, requiring minimal human guidance. Aleksandra quit Intel to work for smaller companies and shortly after started working for herself as a freelance engineer helping start-ups and bigger companies with the build out of their technologies.

Working with over 20 different start-ups throughout her career, over 10 different languages and building mobile and web apps from the ground up including back-end, front-end, database side and server side – Aleksandra offers the best advice to founders from the other side of the table with a focus that is uniquely structured on integrity and complete transparency. To get a better understanding of Aleksandra's approach, have a gander at a few of her articles on vetting engineers and structuring contracts – Aleksandra's Articles

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Contact Aleksandra for technical advice, development work and project management.

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