Web, Mobile and Software Consulting from a Cornell Bred, Intel Vetted Senior Software Engineer



Lightspeed Tek

Client : Overland Agency – Portland, Oregon

Project : Improve the Lightspeed-tek.com site, implement admin CMS for Lightspeed-tek.com, implement HTML + CSS email newsletters, implement landing pages for special promotions.


Integrate Lightspeed-tek.com website code with external CMS API, NetSuite, to display products and calculate prices based on options chosen by the user. Used the external API to grab prices for complete packages from NetSuite, determine package names based on options chosen and back track to calculate and display prices for specific options. Employ JavaScript, C#.NET, and ASP.NET Web Forms to display available products and their options using AJAX ASP.NET UpdatePanels. Implement shopping cart and checkout procedures from scratch employing the PayPal SDK for processing payments. Develop user login. Implement tracking of landing pages based on user’s url. Implement selection of Lightspeed consultants dependent on the viewer’s physical location.

Lightspeed Admin CMS

Implement the Lightspeed Admin CMS to manage orders, create/edit products and each product with products stored in external NetSuit CMS. Develop the ability for the admin to input, modify and moderate (approve/reject) content. Develop configuration abilities for the administrator to be able to manage search capabilities, promotion areas, testimonials areas, headers and footers. Develop ability to manage all Lightspeed consultants and their assignment to specific regions. Implement ability to edit contact, evaluation and newsletter forms – configure their receipt emails, text and questions. Implement the ability for admin to have control over all forms in the checkout process – entering user information, shipping, billing forms, delivery and payment options. Implement the ability for admin to create landing pages using the CMS. Develop creation and download of reports. All functionality developed from scratch in C#.NET and ASP.NET WebForms.

Lightspeed Newsletter

Work with HTML, CSS to develop email newsletters that look uniform in most frequent browsers using most frequent email clients. Different email clients deal with HTML and CSS in different ways. The challenge was to test newsletter emails in gmail, outlook, yahoo on safari, firefox and chrome to make sure all combinations display the newsletter properly. Use CoolerEmail to incorporate the HTML and CSS into templates and send out newsletters to appropriate groups.


Front-end : HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Server-side : C#.NET, ASP.NET Web Forms
Database : MSSQL
APIs and SDKs : PayPal, Telerik
Third Party Solutions : CoolerEmail, NetSuite CMS
Server : Windows Server, IIS 6
Repository : Tortoise SVN