Web, Mobile and Software Consulting from a Cornell Bred, Intel Vetted Senior Software Engineer




Client : TravelEZ – NY, NY

Project : Implement MVP for Travel EZ to crowdsource accessibility information for public places.


Implement TravelEZ MVP from scratch utilizing Google Places API. TravelEZ is a site where people can submit the accessibility score for any place based on TravelEZ criteria. Customers can search for places to see how accessible they are to wheelchairs, crutches, etc. before visiting the place. Build the front-end, back-end, database and architecture on AWS.


Work hand-in-hand with the CEO to discuss ideas, provide ideas, provide alternatives and implement decisions.


Front-end : HTML, CSS, React.js
Server-side : Node.js
Database : PostgreSql
APIs and SDKs : Google Places API
Server : Nginx, AWS EC2, AWS S3
Repository : GitHub