Web, Mobile and Software Consulting from a Cornell Bred, Intel Vetted Senior Software Engineer




Client : Overland Agency – Portland, Oregon

Project : Implement the site Volt.com.


Implemented Volt.com website using Ektron CMS. Ektron, built on C#.NET and ASP.NET, provides the client an easy, wordpress-like, ability to edit the content while giving the developers the ability to implement necessary custom functionality on the back end. Implemented the pages of the site as per client UX/UI guidance and the necessary custom functionality surrounding layout of pages, retrieval of menus from the internal Ektron system and importing data from external sources. Implemented various forms for volt suppliers, information request and investor relations along with their CAPTCHA from scratch. Challenges lay in Ektron’s 1.0 cumbersome architecture which contained functionalities duplicated in disparate places that made it difficult to navigate logically both visually and programatically.


Front-end : HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Server-side : Ektron CMS built on C#.NET and ASP.NET
Database : MSSQL
Server : Windows Server, IIS 6
Repository : Tortoise SVN